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Healthcare Organizations

Managing your talent to fill your shifts just got easier. Post your shifts with your rates. Easily control spending. No contracts, no minimums. Only pay when your shift is worked.

Healthcare Professionals

Finding shifts you want to work just got easier. Work you love at the rates you want and get paid faster. You’re in control of your schedule and what you earn.

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How it Works

Employers Create an Account

Open a Quinable account online or contact Quinable to get started. There’s no cost to create an account and manage your contigent workforce

Post Shifts and Set Your Rate

Post as many or few shifts as you want. You set the rate. Submit to your Workforce and save money in the process.

Select Qualified Workers

Full Control in one easy to use system. You select the workers you want. They work the shift and you approve time. It’s that easy!

This is how top healthcare facilities connect with top professionals. Your staff, Your rates, Your shifts

Connect with the top 1% of healthcare professionals on Quinable, along with a extensive suite of tools for managing a hybrid healthcare workforce. This is the new standard in healthcare innovation.

Access specialized talent to bridge your skill gaps.

Manage your operations: hire, categorize, and compensate your professionals.

Collaborate with Quinable for complete support throughout.

Technology Based Staffing Solution

Quinable is reimagining the staffing industry so employers can take control and reduce their shift spending while staff get paid more, faster.

Transparency and Flexibility

Employers: fill your shifts you need at rates you want. Staff: work the shifts you want at the rates you need.

Easy-to-use App

No more agencies and phone calls. Employers set rates. Employees bid. Clock in and out on app for quick payment.

Quality Staff

Verified credentials. Background checks. Direct communication in the app. Transparent reviews hold employers and staff responsible.

Streamlining Staffing for Hourly Workers

Quinable is transforming the landscape of shift-based needs, providing a dynamic and equitable platform for both healthcare professionals and employers to effortlessly find and fill shift-based positions.

Our commitment to fairness and flexibility positions us at the forefront of the healthcare industry, offering a dependable and innovative solution for all your shift-based staffing needs.

Facilities: Discover professionals on your terms

With complete spend visibility and built-in financial controls, you can lower your staffing spend.  Learn How Quinable Works for Employers

The app makes it easy to find shifts you want – you pick employers, location, schedule, and rate. And get paid faster.  Learn How Quinable Works for Shift Workers


I highly recommend Quinable. You can pick your shifts and work wherever you want. I use the map view to find shifts close to where I live and am always able to find work when I need it. There are hundreds of shifts available in my area.

Monika Muller
LPN, North Carolina

Quinable has been such a huge blessing. I don’t have to call around different agencies anymore. I just open the app, pick my shifts, and make money. I have made almost $2500 in a couple weeks.

Anna Roberts
CNA, Texas

Before Quinable, I felt overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid!  Since Quinable, I have rediscovered by love for nursing.  I’ve been treated with respect at every facility, had awesome nurse to patient ratios, and being paid what I deserve while making my own schedule. I never have to work a holiday or weekend unless I choose to. I would highly recommend Quinable to any hourly worker. You will not be disappointed!

Seattle Lenton
RN, Oregon

I am really impressed with Quinable. They truly work hard at making sure your staffing needs are met. The staff from Quinable app are high character, hard-working, flexible, and punctual. I would recommend Quinable for any staffing needs.

Kathy Sullivant

I use Quinable on a daily basis to post and fill shifts. I get qualified and experienced providers who are ready to work within minutes. I love how I can connect directly with staff in the app. By removing layers of expense, I control my labor costs and the savings have been significant. And the Quinable customer service is excellent and always available. I highly recommend for any organization with hourly workers.

Tammy Koc
Administrator, Halsted Place Assisted Living, Farmington Hills

Quinable is a true game-changer. Better service, more features, and lower cost than a traditional staffing agency. I love that I can fill by staffing needs AND be in control of my labor costs. The platform is so efficient that I can easily fill open shifts at a lower cost, while providing staff with the rates they want.

Maria Verschatse
Executive Director, Windemere Park, Warren

The Quinable app gives our facility power, flexibility, and access to an army of qualified providers with great experience. I love how simple it is. We post shifts, CNAs, Medtechs, LPNs place bids, work shifts, and get paid all from the app. We just added dining room servers and housekeeper shifts as well. Quinable delivers the staff we need quickly and efficiently.

Vanessa Green
Director, American House