FAQ for Businesses

Quinable is an staffing platform that gives businesses more flexibility, visibility, and control than working with a staffing or temp agency. You can post as many or as few shifts as you need filled – at the rates you want. Then, qualified workers bid on your shifts. You view their profiles and select who you want to work with. You connect directly with workers – there are no middlemen. You can even see reviews of workers from other businesses where that have contracted too.

Quinable provides background checks and verifies uploaded credentials for all your healthcare shifts you post. We take qualifications, particularly in healthcare seriously, so you never have to worry about the wrong staff showing up. You can even pre-screen for the requirements you need, including drug tests, TB, CPR, BLS, ACLS etc. We also provide reviews on the workers from other businesses they may have picked up shifts in your area.

90% of shifts are filled within minutes. If your shift did not receive any bids, you likely need to adjust some things in your offerings to get the right workers you are seeking. 

There are no fees for posting a shift. We only get paid if your shift is worked. The rate you pay for a shift is completely up to you. Quinable does take a modest percent of all rates paid through the Quinable app only.

You have up to 30 days to pay Quinable after the shift is paid out.

Quinable puts you in charge of your staffing expenses. There are no minimums or pre-set rates. You decide which shifts to post and at what rates make sense for your business. By enabling workers to bid on shifts, you will quickly see what the fair, market rate is for different types of shifts, particularly hard to fill shifts.

All time tracking is done through the app. Workers will track their time on the app and then submit to you for approval. Approval just takes a couple taps on the app and we encourage you to approve time the same day the shift is worked whenever possible. We pay the worker within 2 bank days of your approval. No paper timecards or manual approval processes means less administrative work for you.

Yes, but you must post the shift through the app, ask the worker to bid on the shift, and then select them. Any shifts that are worked outside the Quinable process will not be paid through Quinable. Shifts can NOT be entered retroactively on the Quinable app.

Absolutely. We want to make connections between workers and employers. If you’ve found a great fit, then we are thrilled for you and your new employee.