Quinable is an independent staffing marketplace that gives workers more flexibility and control than a staffing or temp agency. The Quinable app gives you complete visibility into what shifts are available, so you pick exactly when, where, and what shifts you want to work. You connect directly with businesses – there are no middlemen. You can even see reviews of businesses from previous Quinable workers.

There are background checks, and in some industries like healthcare, the businesses may require additional credentialing requirements. It just depends on the business, the shift, the location and such that you choose. Your profile will need to be verified after it is set up before you can work a shift. After you meet the requirements you can begin bidding on the shifts that interest you. 

You can check the types of shifts we have by zip code here. No need to sign up, just enter your zip code to browse.

Profiles must be created in the app. You can also go to the App store and search for “Quinable.”

Businesses will review your profile and they are able to select who they want to work with, so be professional. A few tips – upload a good photo, make sure your resume is up-to-date, and if applicable, ensure your license is current and in good standing. It’s important to showcase your skills and credentials. 

As long as you are qualified for them – yes! The businesses can’t allow someone without proper credentials to work certain types of healthcare shifts, but if you are a retail worker and wants to work as a cashier one day, stock inventory the next, and then try out a warehouse position, that’s up to you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use the Quinable App to track your time on the Quinable app. 
  • At the end of your shift, submit your time through the app. The business needs to approve your hours before you can be paid. If there is any discrepancies in your time you and the business can work that out between you then after it is resolved, they will approve the time you submit.
  • If your time is not approved in 48 hours, open a support ticket with Quinable, and we will work
    with you to get the business to approve your work.
  • Enter direct deposit information on the app. You will be paid after the facility
    approves your time. It’s simple!

You must ask the business to post a shift. You can NOT enter time retroactively in the Quinable app. The business must initiate. 

Absolutely. We want to make connections between workers and employees. If you’ve found a great fit, then we are thrilled for you and the business. There are no strings attached and you do not need to let us know. We only want the best for you!