Quick Staff Nursing & The Need for Speed

Quick Staff Nursing & The Need for Speed: Why a Staffing Marketplace Outpaces All Others

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, one constant remains: the need for quick staff nursing and more importantly, reliable and experienced staffing solutions. Healthcare facilities, whether hospitals, clinics, or skilled nursing homes, often find themselves in urgent need of nursing staff to ensure uninterrupted patient care. When it comes to swiftly filling these positions, the traditional approaches of staffing agencies and job boards have their limitations. In this article, we’ll explore why the fastest solution for healthcare facilities in search of quick staff nursing isn’t a traditional agency or a job board, and why a staffing marketplace leader such as Quinable is the superior choice.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Staffing Agencies

1. Limited Talent Pool: Traditional staffing agencies typically have a limited pool of candidates on their payroll. This restricts healthcare facilities to choosing from a relatively small group of available professionals, which may not meet their specific needs.

2. Time-Consuming Hiring Process: The recruitment process through traditional agencies can be time-consuming. Facilities are often required to wait for the agency to find and vet candidates, which may not align with their urgent staffing requirements.

3. Lack of Transparency: Traditional agencies often lack transparency in their pricing, contracts, and candidate selection processes. Healthcare facilities may not have a clear understanding of how the agency operates or what they’re paying for.

4. Costly Commissions: Traditional agencies typically charge high commissions, which can significantly increase the cost of hiring temporary nursing staff. These fees can take a substantial chunk out of a healthcare facility’s budget.

5. Limited Control: When using a traditional agency, healthcare facilities have limited control over the selection and management of temporary staff. This can be problematic when facilities need staff with specific skills or experience.

The Drawbacks of Job Boards

1. Information Overload: Job boards often inundate healthcare facilities with numerous job postings and candidates that may or may not qualify, making it challenging to sift through and find quality candidates quickly.

2. Time-Consuming Screening Process: Healthcare facilities must invest significant time in reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and checking references when using job boards. This process can delay the hiring of nursing staff when time is of the essence.

3. Limited Vetting: Job boards do not typically vet candidates thoroughly and have no idea if the caregiver has good credentials and ratings. This falls on Healthcare facilities making them responsible for verifying credentials, licenses, and certifications, which can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. You can spend a lot of time hiring one person that has an issue or backs out.

4. Competitive Market: Job boards are highly competitive, with many healthcare facilities vying for the attention of the same candidates. This can result in a slow response from potential hires or even losing out to other employers. With the competition comes with the candidates wanting higher wages.

Enter the #1 Staffing Marketplace, Quinable

1. A Wider Talent Pool: Staffing marketplaces bring together a diverse range of nursing professionals actively seeking temporary assignments. This expansive talent pool ensures healthcare facilities can quickly find the right match for their staffing needs.

2. Rapid Response: Quinable is designed for speed. Healthcare facilities can post their staffing requirements, and qualified professionals can respond promptly, often within minutes, not days or weeks.

3. Transparency: Quinable provides transparent pricing and simple terms of service. Healthcare facilities have a clear understanding of the costs and terms associated with hiring temporary nursing staff because they are in control of the prices.

4. Cost-Efficient: Quinable has lower overhead costs than traditional agencies. This translates into cost savings for healthcare facilities, allowing them to allocate more resources to patient care. You can have quick staff nursing and low-cost with Quinable.

5. Customized Solutions: Quinable offers flexibility and customization in hiring. Healthcare facilities can choose the duration, skills, and experience level required for each assignment, ensuring a perfect fit for their specific needs.

6. Quality Assurance: Quinable is reputable and our vast amount of clients nationwide speaks to this. Because we rigorously screen and vet our clients candidates, ensuring that their healthcare facilities receive skilled and competent nursing & caregiver professionals who meet the highest standards of patient care.

7. Direct Communication: Quinable facilitates direct communication between healthcare facilities and candidates and each of our clients receives a dedicated support team. This fosters better understanding and collaboration, resulting in smoother transitions for temporary staff that are working shifts.

8. Versatility: Quinable caters to a wide range of healthcare settings, from hospitals to clinics, nursing homes, skilled nursing and home healthcare. Whatever the facility’s specialization, Quinable can provide suitable candidates because of our giant network.

9. On-Demand Access: Healthcare facilities can access Quinable 24/7, making it possible to find staff during emergencies, holidays, or off-hours, ensuring uninterrupted patient care. On-demand meets your needs for quick staff nursing!

10. Temp-to-Perm Options: Quinable allows healthcare facilities to assess temporary nursing staff’s performance before offering them permanent positions. This minimizes the risk of a poor hiring decision.

Case Study: Quick Staff Nursing with Quinable

Imagine the scenario where a bustling hospital in Dallas, Texas, is experiencing a sudden surge in patient admissions. The hospital urgently needs additional nursing staff to maintain the quality of care. Let’s see how Quinable comes to the rescue:

  1. Immediate Posting: The hospital posts its staffing needs on the Quinable with a few clicks of the mouse, specifying the required qualifications, shift hours, and contract duration.
  2. Rapid Responses: Within minutes, experienced nursing professionals in the Dallas area respond to the posting, indicating their availability and relevant experience. Each shift is getting at least 10 qualified candidates who like the facility reputation, the shift, the rates and the management.
  3. Transparent Communication: The hospital directly communicates with potential candidates through the platform, discussing their qualifications and availability and selects the nurses that meet their needs instantly.
  4. Quality Assurance: Quinable ensures that candidates have up-to-date licenses, certifications, and background checks. The hospital can review these credentials to make an informed decision.
  5. Cost-Efficient: The staffing marketplace offers competitive pricing, eliminating the need for costly agency commissions.
  6. Flexibility: The hospital chooses candidates based on their specific requirements, such as specialty experience, shift preferences, and availability.
  7. Immediate Onboarding: Once a candidate is selected, the hospital can quickly onboard them, ensuring seamless integration into the healthcare team.
  8. Monitoring and Feedback: The hospital can monitor the performance of temporary nursing staff during their assignment. If a candidate exceeds expectations, the hospital has the option to offer them a permanent position.


When healthcare facilities in search of quick staff nursing consider their options, traditional agencies and job boards often fall short in delivering timely, cost-effective, and efficient solutions. A staffing marketplace, on the other hand, offers the perfect blend of speed, transparency, and quality assurance. With access to a vast talent pool, rapid responses from qualified candidates, and the flexibility to meet specific needs, healthcare facilities can ensure uninterrupted patient care. In an industry where time is of the essence and quality of care is paramount, a staffing marketplace proves to be the fastest and most effective solution. So, when it’s all about quick staff nursing, remember, the future is in staffing marketplaces.