Bring the top 1% of healthcare professionals to your facility, your way.

Address your staffing needs with specialist talent or assemble your ideal team of experts using our adaptable, full-service platform.

Reliable, Qualified, Credentialed Staff

Staffing costs for hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities are skyrocketing. Healthcare workers are burned out. Quinable is changing the game for healthcare facilities and workers. We fill your empty shifts so you can focus on what really matters – your patients.

We Know Healthcare

Background checks. Credentials and certifications. Elder care policies. We understand the nuances of healthcare and long-term care. Get the right experience for the right shift.

Fair Rates Hard to Fill Shifts

Facilities set rates and qualified workers bid on shifts, so you are always paying fair market value, even for hard to fill shifts. No pre-set, contractual rates.

90% of Shifts Filled in Minutes

Healthcare shortages are real but we have staff willing and able to work on their terms and bid on your shifts.

An App Everyone Loves

Facilities and workers connect directly on the app. No middleman. Transparent reviews. Easy payment process. What’s not to love?

Happy Staff

Staff perform when they are working shifts they want and getting paid what they need. Hourly workers love the flexibility and control of Quinable.

More than Nurses

Need a custodial or cafeteria shift filled? Quinable has staff for all your hourly staffing needs.

Healthcare Facilities:

There’s no fee to post a shift and you don’t pay anything until a shift is completed. So go ahead and post your shift.

Healthcare Workers:

Need extra cash? Pick up a single shift or work with our clients full-time – it’s up to you.  Browse available shifts to see if we are in your area.

Healthcare burnout is at all time high. Staffing shortages make it worse, but there’s a better solution.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities are overpaying staffing agencies and locking into inflexible contracts. Staff feel underpaid and undervalued. Quinable’s fair and flexible staffing solution reduces costs for facilities, improves staffing quality, and enables workers to earn more – on their own schedule